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Bespoke Digital Solutions for Law Firms

3 of 4 people study several websites before choosing a lawyer. How does yours measure up?

Your website should:


When you get a referral, the first thing a potential client does is find you online. Websites serve to validate that referral.

Credibility and personality are important. Make sure yours hits the mark.


It’s a hefty buzzword these days, but SEO (search engine optimization) is critical to generating business.

You want to live on the first page of a Google search. Sites with the right design and focused content will do just that.

We’ve achieved this for firms of all sizes

Visual Identity

Like a well-tailored suit, your website should fit your company image
Parker & Co. work sample
Hugessen work sample
CCPA work sample


Like a great story, your website should captivate your audience
Strong copy must resonate -- and must hit three marks:


Deliver the facts free of jargon and legalese.


Strike the right tone: be memorable, be authentic.


The average visitor can spend just seconds on a page. Make your words count.


Thoughtful images build a connection with clients you’ve yet to meet

Your new online home

It all comes together in an easy custom solution by IP law experts. From website art direction to full branding and collateral
  • Individualized for your firm
  • Optimized for Google searches
  • Fast page loads
  • Mobile friendly
  • Safe and secure
  • Effective navigation
  • Hosted in Canada
  • AODA compliant
  • Fast execution
  • Easy to modify
  • Ongoing maintenance and support available
Building a new CAN-TECH website was something we put off for many years, but in hindsight we wished we’d done it sooner. The entire process was so much easier than imagined and we couldn’t be happier with the final product.
James Kosa, President, CAN-TECH
70% of law firms have acquired new clients and cases from their websites alone.
Trust our expert team to ensure yours stands out with a bespoke solution that tells your story.
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